Frequently asked questions….


Is there a difference between a Professional Toastmaster and an MC?

Most definitely YES.

An M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) is just that, and will just make general announcements.

They will rarely personalise announcements to fit the occasion, or the Bride and Groom, nor will they liaise with your photographer, videographer, caterer, hotel staff etc to ensure your very special, once in a lifetime day, runs smoothly and on time in order that YOU don’t have the worry about anything and who does what and when.

A professional Toastmaster will take the time to discuss with you, PRIOR to your wedding day, exactly what YOUR requirements are, and also, offer helpful advice on the running order of your wedding day, and the correct etiquette.
He will guide you through the day’s events whilst also looking after your guests and paying attention to the finer detail.
All this will enable you to enjoy your stress free, memorable and magical once in a lifetime wedding day.
And this Toastmaster does it all in a very warm and caring way, with smiles and good humour, but don’t be fooled by his relaxed demeanour, his attention to detail and attentiveness to you and your guests is second to none.

My Venue has included a toastmaster in my package

My advice would be to check with the hotel/venue and ask if it is a bonafied professional toastmaster, and enquire if he is a member of a recognised guild or association which has a code of conduct and ethics. In most cases it will be a duty manager, so enquire what his role would be, would he for instance announce a receiving line, correctly introduce the bride and groom into the room at their wedding breakfast, would he be on hand to advise on etiquette etc. and is he experienced at carrying out the formal announcements etc.

You only get ONE chance to get your special day right.

What are the benefits of having a professional wedding Toastmaster at my wedding?

There are lots of benefits to having a professional Toastmaster at your wedding.

A professional toastmaster, in his distinctive red tail coat, adds a flair and splendour to your special day,

His experience in looking after the Bride and Groom and their guests on such occasions, and the special skills he puts into play ensure the smooth running of the day.

He will discreetly go about his duties with an air of calm and efficiency, and is an expert on wedding etiquette and protocol.

He will ensure everybody carries out their personal roles during the day in the correct order and manner, thus avoiding any hitches or embarrassment.

When would I be best advised to book a wedding Toastmaster?

Once you have booked your Church/Venue book your wedding Toastmaster with out delay. Many of the best are booked several years in advance…

Some venues will tell you that they have a Toastmaster as part of their package, PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS, this will not normally a professional wedding Toastmaster who will do all of the above with style, it is more likely to be a duty manager who will act as an M.C.

Will the Toastmaster be responsible for any young or vunerable guests?

The professional wedding Toastmaster will indeed look after all your guests, but, is unable to accept responsibility of particular guests or children, it is better that any vulnerable guest or child be the responsibility of a family member who they know and who they are familiar with.
But, please make the wedding Toastmaster aware of anybody who is in this category and he will be able to assist if necessary in liaising with hotel/church/photographers etc.

How do I know that my choice of Toastmaster will be the right one?

Here are some helpful questions for you to ask:-

Is the wedding Toastmaster professionally trained?
Is the wedding Toastmaster part of a professional body of Toastmasters?
Will he/she visit you in your home and talk through YOUR special day in fine detail to discover what YOU want out of YOUR day?
Will he/she give best advice without predudice?
Will he/she attend at the church or (if a Civil ceremony the venue)
Does the wedding Toastmaster have a clear enhanced CRB document, and can it be presented (this is useful for peace of mind,)
Does the wedding Toastmaster have any letters of recommendation?
Will the wedding Toastmaster work with you to achieve the day that YOU want?
Mostly, after a chat with your chosen toastmaster you will know instinctively if you and he/she is the right person for you. Don’t choose your wedding Toastmaster by price alone, cheapness is often an indication of quality and commitment.

Why does a professional wedding Toastmaster wear a red coat?

Ask him/her, a true professional will be able to give you the correct answer.

Is a Toastmaster really needed at my wedding / function?

In my personal opinion, most certainly, the Toastmaster will be your eyes and ears and your personal assistant for the day, to enable YOU and your guests to relax and enjoy a stress free and wonderful time.

The professional Toastmaster will assist with every part of your day/function Please look at my website and see what other clients have said about my involvement in their wedding/celebration.

What if I need additional announcements?

I’m happy to make any announcements you wish, even if they are only decided on the day.


Will you be able to assist with the preparation and delivery of the speeches?

Yes, I’m happy to advise on the content of the speakers speeches, and if necessary help them to practice the delivery.

What will you do that my wedding co-ordinator won’t do?

There are so many things that I do that your Wedding Venue Coordinator and Staff don’t, I have made in information sheet. You can read it or download it by clicking here.

How much is the fee for a professional Toastmaster?

This very much depends on the type of function and the duties you would like me to carry out.
I would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your very special function in detail and the role you would like me to play in it, because every wedding / function is different, but still very special, to the individual.
Having discussed all the finer details with you I will be in a position to give an accurate quote, without obligation.

I will make YOUR DREAM DAY SPECIAL, YOU will live YOUR dream