Code of Conduct…

Merseyside Toastmaster – Personal Code Practice & Ethics

  • I will conduct myself in a professional manner and to the highest possible standards at all times.
  • I will present and supply services honestly, avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms.
  • I will earn, and maintain a reputation for giving excellent quality service to all my clients and seek their constructive feedback after each event in order to assist with my quality control.
  • I will always give proper, fair, reasonable, and professional services to my clients.
  • I will deal promptly with any issues that may arise both before and after any booking.
  • I will be available to all clients both prior to, and after a booking in order to discuss any issues that may arise.
  • I will always supply my client’s and potential clients, with accurate information to the best of my knowledge and ability, and without any misleading or inaccurate statements or advice.
  • I respect other Professional Toastmasters and their opinions in their quest for business and will never seek to discriminate against them, their gender, colour or creed.
  • I will at all times seek to be fully aware of changes within the industry, in order to maintain a profession level of service to each client.
  • I will hold adequate public liability insurance. This currently is £5,000,000 and can be viewed with documentary evidence.
  • I will supply documentary evidence of a clear and current valid Enhanced Criminal Records Certificate.
  • I will never partake of alcoholic beverages whilst working for a client, this includes during any consultation, booking, or post booking meetings.
  • I will never use bad or insulting language / behaviour at any function, or seek to embarrass any client of guest.
  • I will always carry a complete spare uniform to each booking in case of emergencies.
  • I will always act in a non-biased, non-prejudicial manner towards all clients, providing those clients with an identical quality of service and treatment irrespective of the many differences which are to be found between clients, including but not restricted to: race, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc.

This Code of Conduct & Ethics is a guideline and does not represent the entirety of my good conduct and behaviour, but more seeks to display my personal standards reflecting the trust that clients place in me and serves also for their peace of mind.

My acceptance and adherence to this Code is my standard practice.