Toastmaster Training

Mike Culleton has been a professional Toastmaster for 7 years and in that role has officiated at a large variety of functions at some of the country’s most prestigious venues. He has had the honor to preside over some very high profile civic, corporate and private functions.

Mike worked for many years for various blue chip FMCG Company’s holding many high profile positions in the sales and trading departments, which involved managing people, projects and corporate hospitality.

The final 24 years were spent with Carlsberg UK Ltd where he honed the skills learnt over the previous years both in training and became a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies.

Mike has an excellent pedigree in organizing and planning all types of functions, and with this experience he has become one of the UK’s most successful Toastmasters working for many high profile clients such as The University of Liverpool, The University of Chester, UKIP, The NHS, Professional Liverpool, as well as all types of wedding ceremonies and being the preferred Toastmaster for many prestigious 5 star venues.


Mike is extremely well versed in organizing and officiating at a great variety of functions and is known in the industry as a very professional, understanding, and caring and totally customer focused individual.

Even with his past work experience Mike felt it would be beneficial to be professionally trained for his new career and so enrolled in The English Toastmasters Association, where he received some training, and became a member of that recognized Toastmaster Association.

Mike is now a proud to have been accepted as a full member of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters one of the country’s premier associations.


Who and what makes a good Toastmaster?

Toastmasters come from a very varied backgrounds, but whatever their background they tend to be people who have a great sense of doing things ‘the correct way’ observing the etiquette and have a sense of occasion.

Toastmasters are organized individuals who can organize and guide others, with an eye to detail and protocol, be assertive when needed, as well as pleasant, approachable, and immaculately dressed for all occasions, and also know to blend into the background, until called upon.

The successful Toastmaster will act with authority when needed, he or she will be a master of tact and diplomacy and will go the enth degree to ensure that his/or/her client receives the very best of customer care by having certain qualities such as, having a sense of humor, excellent organizing ability, being immaculate in personal appearance and bearing are important. Tact and diplomacy and a firm commitment to customer care are essential qualities.



Most successful Toastmasters will tell you that to be successful you really must be prepared to sacrifice your weekends to a great extent.

The role of Toastmaster is not for the faint hearted, nor for the stuffy or pompous. Most Toastmasters you will find are retired or at least semi-retired and tend to come from background where they have successfully managed others.
It is essential that Toastmasters have a working knowledge of how to use a PC / Laptop as most communication with clients in the modern world we live in is via e mail, text etc.


So what’s the cost of it all?

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to most things in life.

A professional toastmaster can achieve respectable fees and it can give a real boost to a pension or other income, but there is of course, as with any business, a certain amount of set-ups costs and capital outlay. You will need to consider the cost of such things as………….

Training – A full weeks training (classroom & on the job) – £1650.00
Uniform (initial layout & more required as you get busier) – £400
Office/ PC – £300 (this you may already have)
Association fees and good quality Insurance – £150-£200 annually.
Website (initial set-up) – £300 plus annual maintenance cost. (Advice available)

What can I expect from my Toastmaster training?
DAY 1 = Classroom based training course.
DAY 2 = Classroom based training course
DAY 3 = ½ day Classroom based training course
DAY 4 = On the job – observing a professional toastmaster at work, (this can happen until you feel confident enough to ‘go it alone’)
DAY 5 = Subject to availability, the trainer will attend your first function to guide you through your day, if not available, then full co-operation with the preparation will be given including a further practice session.
Day 6 = ½ day review, (on a later date to be mutually agreed) plus introduction to a reputable Toastmaster association.”

N.B. The course tutor has no influence over your selection interview by any Toastmaster association. Attending this course does not guarantee admission to any association. Nor does the tutor guarantee bookings for events.

This 6 day program may not take place all in one week and can certainly be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Contact Mike Culleton 07847 897714 for an informal chat.